There are few assessments with regards to personal life if you wish to become a coach of personal development. There are also a few steps that you should take. Being a personal development coach or life coaches can be claimed by anyone since licensing requirements or accrediting process is not required. But, in order for you to become a legit personal development coach, there are some things that you should consider:


For you to become a great personal development coach, you should have some of these characteristics:

1.            As much as possible, yearning to learn should be one of your characteristics.

2.            There are people who have strong sense when it comes to empathy. You should have a deep care to them.

3.            Your personal standards should be high.

4.            Other than personal standards, you also need to consider having emotional intelligence with high standards also.

5.            Humility should be found in you so thus being grateful.

6.            You should have the ability to help others in improving and reaching their goals.

7.            Having the ability to be creative, adaptable and innovative is a must.

8.            Have self-awareness

9.            Science and art is what makes coaching. You should be able to understand that.


Aside from the different characteristics that you should have, there are also steps on how to become Newfield Network personal development coach. These steps are not that difficult but it may take some time, hard work, perseverance and patience. Here are some steps that you also need to consider:


1.            Educational Training - Without any training, you are sure to enter the business of personal development coaching. But, do not be so excited since this is not really advisable. There are plenty of coaches especially in today's competitive industry. There are also coaches who wants to handle your potential clients. A training would be good even with a basic level in order to help you keep up or be in line with the other coaches.



2.            Credentialing - Having credentials aren't that required if you're going to be a personal development coach since you don't have any training before becoming a life coach. You would wish to have one or to have credential especially if you want to be a coach of personal development who wants to attracts a lot of clients. Try to look for some programs that offers credentialing and when it comes to the industry, this program has some power and recognition. To know more ideas on how to select the best personal training, go to